MoldExterm SMTS & Dehumidification

After we've performed our extensive control and treatment process with SMTS the visible mold in accessible areas is dead or dying.  Next, a critical component of the permanent solution begins.  Dehumidification.

In the Northeast, there are many homes that would substantially benefit from dehumidification.  Dry air is far easier to heat and cool so it saves a lot of energy on top of all the health benefits.  But the biggest benefit obviously, is that mold does not like a dry environment.  In fact mold will simply die when it gets dried out.  This is important because sometimes mold is growing in inaccessible humid areas.  The dehumidifiers we use will solve that problem by drying out even the inaccessible places over time. 

Now, it may sound like some really complicated equipment is required to do this but it really isn't.  Its simply a matter of selecting the right professional equipment for the job.  The professional models of dehumidfiers we use look very similar in size and shape to what you might find at a Big Box Store.... but they aren't.  These devices are highly efficient (using a fraction of the electricity), operate at lower temperatures (very important in our New England basements) and remove amazing amounts of water in a short period of time.  They are also adjustable so they can be set to maintain a healthy level.

Here are some specific things our dehumidifiers can do:

  • At 60 degrees and 60% relative humidity, even smaller units will remove 44 pints of water per day.  At warmer temperatures these same models could remove 90 pints per day.  A typical Box Store model may not remove any water at 60 degrees.  But it will still run and burn three times as much energy!
  • Our models remove 5-6 pints per kilowatt.  Box Store models remove 2-3 pints per kilowatt.  So the models we use pay for themselves in energy savings.